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How to Choose the RIGHT makeup artist for You.

I understand the importance of finding the right person to glam you up for your special event. Securing vendors can undoubtedly be an overwhelming task. So what specifics are you supposed to search for when your google search for local makeup artists brings up a countless number of options?

Before connecting with makeup artists you'd like to speak with, I recommend determining the following questions for yourself. What is your budget? Does is matter to you what kind of makeup they have in their kit? Whether it's drug store makeup or professional, high-end product? Does is matter to you how much experience they have? Do you have a look in mind for your special event?

Once you are pretty confident in your answers to the above questions, you will be able to narrow down the selection process.

Initial Reach Out

Your initial point of contact should be the "first round" so-to-speak, in figuring out if the artist is a potential vendor. You want to make sure that they seem knowledgeable in the manner that they answer your questions and how they explain their process of securing you as a client (via contract/deposit), and the entire process of your event (i.e. do they send a timeline if you have a large bridal party? ect.). If you are a #bride looking to secure a #makeup artist for you and your bridal party, these are the questions you may want to ask during this first call:

  • Are you available on (insert date/time you need them) ?

  • What is your rate for the preview/trial per service (hair/makeup)?

  • What is your rate for the #wedding day ?

  • What is your rate for #bridesmaids, #bridal party ?

  • Is there a travel fee?

  • Additional fees? (Artists may have a fee to bring on additional support for larger parties, or may require valet parking or early rising fees. These all should be discussed in the initial conversation).

  • What kind of foundations/makeup do you have in your kit? (If this matters to you, and does their rate reflect the product that is in there?)

  • What is your experience with: specific look, certain skin concerns, or any specific concerns you may want to address.

Once they have answered your questions satisfactorily, secure your trial date (if it's for your #weddingday). Trials are extremely important! I cannot stress this enough. It is so important that you are sure that your makeup artist is able to execute the look you are envisioning for your special day. Do not set yourself up for a potential disappointment by not having a trial.

Day of your trial

The day of your trial is like a "final interview" for the job. Here you will be able to note whether they were on time, they were prepared and if they put their "best foot forward" when arriving. We all know that things can happen, but overall, does the makeup artist present themselves as a true professional in their craft? There's really no way of knowing without the trial.

Some other extremely important things you want to look for is their level of cleanliness and whether they are using sanitary practices. So what do "sanitary practices" look like?

  • Disposable applicators should only be used once to get product and then thrown away (no double-dipping). This includes a mascara wand/spooly or lip glass wands if a separate lip brush isn't being used.

  • Brushes and brush holder/belt should all be clean.

  • All cream products should be taken out of their container first instead of being applied directly onto the brush.

  • Artist should not be touching their own face or hair, but if they do, should sanitize their hands before getting back to the application.

  • Any pencils being used during the application should be thoroughly cleansed by being resharpened and sprayed with alcohol.

These are just a few things to look out for. Bacteria can be easily spread if brushes aren't thoroughly cleaned or when dirty applicator brushes are being directly dipped into product. Chances are if they are attempting to use the actual applicator from the product, they have done it before with another client.

In closing, I know this can be overwhelming, especially with so many options out there. I hope this has helped you be a little more informed about the things to look for when making your decision. The best thing is to go with your instinct, have fun, and enjoy the process.